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Circle Entertainment is a creative lab with 2 big hearts.
One that beats one frame at a time and one that loves big Ideas.

Stop Motion Animation is pure passion and patience, freedom and total control.
From moving the first steps in Milan, IT to woodenly walking red carpets in Los Angeles, CA. Francesca Nobili, founder of Circle Entertainment, is the One-Woman-Film-Crew of award-winning short films A Tale Of A Sassy Little Girl and Amatriciana, and other stop motion animation short films that were screened at various festivals worldwide.

It's all about Storytelling.

Stories of people who turned their passion into a project, a lifestyle, a job. To tell.

You can call it promotional video, we see a celebration of creativity and determination.

We told the story of athletes, musician, visual artists, visionaries, pioneers, doers.
Eager to tell more.
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